Professional Liability

At Pruitt & Pruitt, we believe that professionals must put client interests first . . . because we do.

It’s not just attorneys who must meet the standard of placing client interests before their own; accountants, engineers, real estate agents, stock brokers, and a myriad of other professionals owe a standard of care to the clients they are paid to represent. If a client is harmed by a professional’s negligence in meeting that standard of care, the client may be entitled to compensation.

We understand the processes and consequences of professional liability.

As a law firm with an impeccable reputation, we strive for the highest degree of professional responsibility. So we understand, inside and out, the processes and consequences of professional liability. Our clients trust us to investigate the situation thoroughly, to determine what is fair, and to pursue justice aggressively on their behalf.

The staff at Pruitt & Pruitt are prepared to do this for you.

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